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Plant Diseases

Browse common plant diseases to identify your mystery disease. Select a disease to learn more about it and how to control it.
Alternaria Leaf Spot on cabbage

Alternaria Leaf Spot


Black mold on tomato plants in garden

Black Mold

Black Spot

Botrytis Blight

Brown Rot Blossom Blight on garden fruits

Brown Rot Blossom Blight

Cedar apple rust on garden fruit trees

Cedar-Apple Rust

Early blight lesions on leaves

Cercospora Blight

Downy Mildew on garden plants

Downy Mildew

Early Blight

Fusarium Wilt

Gray Mold

Gummy stem blight on garden plants and fruits

Gummy Stem Blight

Late Blight

Leaf Blight on garden plants and vegetables

Leaf Blight

Needlecast symptoms


Sporulation of Phytophthora capsici on stems and fruit of bell pepper

Phytophthora Blight

Powdery Mildew

Rhizoctonia Fruit Rot closeup

Rhizoctonia Fruit Rot


Peach scab


Septoria Leaf Spot

Verticillium Wilt