Sevin® Ready-to-Use

  • Kills ants, spiders, whiteflies, and many more insects on contact
  • Ready-to-use outdoors around the home
  • Easy-to-apply power sprayer with batteries included
  • Protects camellias, roses, lettuce, tomatoes, and many other fruits and flowers

Focus on the garden. We've got the bugs.

Insects may have found their way to your outdoor plants, but these intruders are killed on contact with Sevin Insect Killer Ready-to-Use. Shake the bottle, adjust the nozzle to the narrow fan spray setting, hold sprayer 1 foot from the plant, and spray to kill insects. This ready-to-use spray is specially formulated to protect lawns, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor plants and surfaces, while killing over 130 listed insects. Find your affected area or specific garden crop on the label to get the most effective results.


  • Apply on vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, trees, and other outdoor plants and surfaces
  • Apply early or at first signs of insect damage
  • People and pets can return to treated area once spray dries
  • Shake bottle, adjust nozzle to narrow fan setting, hold sprayer 1 foot from plant, and spray evenly to kill insects
  • Apply on calm days when no rain is forecast for at least 24 hours
  • Once applied to lawn, wait at least 24 hours before watering
  • Avoid spraying open blooms to protect pollinating insects
  • Follow instructions on label for specific use areas to achieve best results
  • Read the product label for listed pests, and follow application instructions thoroughly.